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Call forwarding and schedules can be setup and administered from the settings page by clicking the Call Forwarding link on the left side of the page:

Set-up the Call Forwarding

By default your extension will ring for 20 seconds before being diverted to voicemail. If you wish to change this settings, change the value under ‘Extension will ring first for (sec)’ in the Set-up tab.
To add a call forwarding entry, click the ‘+’ control and the following settings will be presented:




Forwarding Type

Forward to

Ringing time (sec)


Enabled/ Disabled


Select a schedule defined under Schedule tab or select Always

If no response

At the same time

Add internal extensions, external numbers or SIP addresses

Set the number of seconds to ring

Change the order of the Call Forwarding rules


  1. Each extension can individually be enabled or disabled. Only enabled extensions affect the call forwarding behavior. Disabled extensions are saved for future use.
  2. Calls are forwarded sequentially - if no response or in parallel - at the same time. If call is forwarded in parallel, all extensions ring and the call is transferred to the one that answers first.
  3. If the number where you have forwarded the call is an external number and has voicemail or an answering machine, you must set the "ring for" value to less than the amount of time it takes for the remote voicemail or answering machine to answer.
  4. In case none of the extensions on the list succeeds, the call is transferred to user's Voicemail. If the user does not have Voicemail permission, the caller hears a busy signal.

Call Forwarding Schedules

Schedules are used for time-based call forwarding, allowing you to create call forwarding rules that activate at specified times, based on time of day/day of week. For example, if you wish for calls to your extension to be directed elsewhere after hours, you can set a schedule to activate call forwarding rules from 5:00 PM to 7:55 AM.

You can define or delete schedules in the Schedules tab, under Call Forwarding settings.
 To add a schedule, just follow these steps:
  1.  Click the ‘Add new schedule’ button;
  2.  Start adding a schedule name, time periods to your schedule by clicking ‘+’ control and fill in the needed information;
  3.  If you want to add another period simply click the ‘+’ control again and add another time period to the schedule;
  4.  Once you finished configuring the schedule, just click the ‘Add and Save’ button.

To delete a schedule, select the right entry and use the ‘X’ button (Discard schedule) placed aside the ‘Select schedule’ drop-down list. To propagate these changes through the system, you need to click the Save button.
 Note that when deleting schedules, any forwarding rules associated with the deleted schedules will be switched to Always schedule.

After you define a new schedule, you need to return to the Set-up tab and under the Schedule field of the forwarding rule you can select the new created schedule for the call forwarding rule to follow.
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