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14.04 and Later FAQ Questions


  • How do I enable the old User Portal?
 Click on System -> Admin Settings and select 'Old Style Web Portal'.


  •  I'd like to Restart a server from scratch without re-installing software 
    • service sipxecs stop
    • ps -ef | grep sipx
    • Kill all processes owned by sipx that are still running - cfengine as one example
    • kill -9 above processes identified
    • service mongod stop
    • rm -rf /var/lib/mongodb/*
    • sipxecs-setup --reset-all

  •  I'd like to Change the server IP address 
    • Do a backup.
    • Run 'service sipxecs stop'
    • Run 'sipxecs-setup'
    • Reset IP address
    • Complete the entire setup
    • You should be setup with your new IP address and your original data
    • Go into Admin GUI and System > Servers and resend server profiles

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