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The Vibe client will check for updates on startup. If you don't exit the application often, you can check for updates on the About screen. A 'Get Update' button will be displayed as seen above if there is a new update available.


The Panda is the video server in use. A different video server in your community's topology can be selected by clicking on the word 'Panda'.

Typically the optimum Panda for your client is selected when you start Vibe. A different Panda can be selected at any time (even while you are in a meeting). Click on the Panda you'd like to change to and click on 'Connect'.


License Info

The 'License Info' button will display the eZuce software license information.

Copy Log File

This will allow the user to download a log file to send to technical support for assistance.

Connection Quality

The Connection quality bars will display at the bottom of the About screen to show the quality of your connection to the Panda. Three bars and green is the best, Yellow has two bars and usually indicates a TCP based connection. Red and one bar is a poor connection.






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