sipXcom 15.04

Beta due 3/20/2014

GA due 3/10/2014

Freeswitch Upgrade

Upgrade Freeswitch to 1.4.15 release.


Implement ability to have a Registration grace period so that registrations can live past their expiration timeout. This helps with widely distributed systems where database replication might be slightly delayed.

Call Forward from Phone

Create a proxy plugin to allow users to enable call forwarding from their phones.

Bridge Calls for Transfer

Add option to bridge call when transferring through IVR (instead using REFER)

TCP Signaling Improvement

When a write operation fails, the TCP transport does not look for an alternative flow (or create a new one). This functionality brings this ability to sipXtackLib.

Improvement for Users and Trunks through the same SBC

If an SBC handles remote worker registrations and it is also configured as a gateway with permission, calls to registered users will be authenticated. This will fail if the call is coming from the PSTN.


sipXcom 14.10 Release


Improve DNS Alarming

Need improved alarming for DNS related problems.

Improve DNS Handling

Implement Custom DNS changes and fix issues with current implementation.

DNS Advisor

DNS Advisor is broken and we also need to make it work with Regions.

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Admin Portal / GUI Simplification

Begin work on full API drive admin portal. This would entail ensuring that all functionality is performed through API’s and building a nice web front end with re-worked administrator experience. 3 phase approach design and underlying needs, then would address day to day feature admin before full-on system configuration.
1. Settle on interaction design.
2. Build API’s required for Phase 1.
3. Phase 2 & 3 - Build web application.

Phase 1 would be settle on Interaction Design and in parallel start building any missing API’s.
Phase 2 would be Users / Devices & Features menus into new portal design.
Phase 3 would be remainder of API’s

Merge Logs & sipXtrace

Bring back merge logs / make sip call trace of each call in CDR available for admin to view or download. (

Park Orbit Service Replacement

Move Park orbits from old service to FreeSwitch and make HA. Needed for scalability and virtualization. SSS needs to accommodate BLF for park orbit so it might make sense to get this done before work on SSS begins for this feature. (

System Audit

Track config system changes.

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Voicemail to eMail Template

XX-10035 Voicemail to email template should allow custom url that can direct to a user mailbox



Work on various sipXcallqueue issues.


End User Portal

Continue to add functionality envisioned for new User Portal.


We're considering combining sipXecs and eZuce wiki’s for a single documentation portal. This would allow for consistent quality documentation.  We need to work out how to link back to community created content.