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eZuce sipXecs API Reference Guide

Table of Contents
1. What's New2
2. Overview of sipXecs APIs3
2.1 About sipXecs APIs4
2.1.1 REST APIs5
2.1.2 SOAP APIs5
2.1.3 OpenFire APIs7
2.1 Using sipXecs Web APIs8
2.2. Adding new services9
3. Manage10
3.1 Configuration REST API11
3.1.1 Administration Services12
Phone Book12
View list of phone books12
View phone book entries12
Create a phone14
Retrieve phone profile14
View phone models14
View or create a phone15
View or modify a phone16
View or delete phones from groups18
Delete or add phones in groups18
View group settings18
Delete or add lines to a phone ID19
View or modify group settings20
[ Auto Attendant (AA)21|3. Manage#_RefHeading_4277_380902303]
View AA list21
View or modify AAs special mode21
Activate special mode for AA22
Set an AA as special22
Enable an AA23
View avatar information23
View or modify users23
View or modify a user ID25
View permissions for all users26
View or modify permissions for a user ID26
View or create permissions28
View or modify a permission ID29
View or modify branches30
View or modify a branch ID31
User groups32
View or modify user groups32
View or modify a user group ID33
View or modify user group permissions34
View or modify permissions for a group ID35
[ Gateways37|3. Manage#_RefHeading_38862_184643744]
[ View all gateways37|3. Manage#_RefHeading_108947_1685120373]
[ Filter gateways by model38|3. Manage#_RefHeading_108949_1685120373]
[ View or modify gateway ID38|3. Manage#_RefHeading_108951_1685120373]
[ View all settings of a gateway ID39|3. Manage#_RefHeading_108953_1685120373]
View or modify a setting for phone models in a gateway ID44
View ports for a gateway ID45
View port settings for a gateway ID45
View IVR settings47
View IVR settings from path52
View DNS settings53
View DNS settings from path55
View DNS adviser results56
Message Waiting Indication (MWI)56
View MWI settings56
View or modify MWI settings60
Phone Groups60
View or create phone groups61
View or modify phone groups61
Move phone group up in a phone group62
Move phone group down in a phone group62
View settings for specific models in a phone group62
View or modify all settings for a phone model in a phone group65
View or modify one setting for a phone model in a phone group67
Music on Hold (MOH)68
View MOH settings68
View or change MOH settings69
View prompt MOH messages71
Download MOH prompt71
Stream to MOH prompt72
View all registrations72
Filter registrations by users73
Filter registrations by MAC addresses74
Filter registrations by IPs75
Filter registrations by call ID75
Filter registrations by servers75
Page groups76
View or create page groups76
View or modify page groups based on page group ID77
Manage page groups services78
View or create new prompt message81
Download page group prompt83
Stream to page group prompt83
Park orbit84
View system orbits84
[ View or modify system orbits84|3. Manage#_RefHeading_3222_153127158]
Manage orbit options85
Manage orbit services85
View or create new prompt message88
Download orbit prompt88
Stream to orbit prompt89
View proxy settings89
View or modify proxy settings92
My buddy93
View My buddy settings93
View or modify My buddy settings95
View registrar settings96
View or modify registrar settings98
Shared Appearance Agent (SAA)98
View SAA settings98
View or modify SAA settings108
REST servers109
View REST servers settings109
View or modify REST servers settings111
View all general schedules112
View all schedules for a group ID112
View all schedules for a user ID112
View personal schedules for a user ID114
View description for a schedule ID115
Add periods to a schedule ID115
Delete index periods from a schedule ID?116
3.1.2 E911 API117
Emergency Resource Location (ERL)117
View list of ERLs117
Filter ERLs by ELIN118
Filter ERLs by user name118
Filter ERLs by user groups119
Filter ERLs by the number of assigned phones119
Update ERLs for one or multiple phones120
Update ERLs for one or multiple phone groups120
Filter registrations by IP121
Filter registrations for lines122
Filter registrations by mac123
View phones list124
View list of phones that have changed since dd/mm/yy124
3.1.3 User Services124
Initiate calls125
View or modify user call forwarding125
View or modify call forwarding126
View or modify call forwarding schedules127
View or modify a schedule ID127
View active calls127
Change voicemail pin128
View or modify voicemail settings129
View voicemail folder as RSS feed129
View or modify voicemail personal attendant130
Set operators' personal attendant settings131
Reset operators' personal attendant settings131
Phone Book131
Export phone book131
View phone book page by page132
Private phone book entries133
Search for phone book contacts134
Create or delete a private phone book135
View contacts on display136
Import Google contacts136
View user contact information136
View or modify IM preferences138
View or modify My Buddy preferences138
View or modify speed dial preferences139
Activate active greeting139
Filter conferences for a user ID139
View conference details140
View conference settings for all users141
View user conference details142
FreeSwitch conference commands143
Change user portal password143
View fax extensions and DID number143
View configuration servers' time143
View log in details144
View user details, password and the servers' host name144
Keep session alive145
3.1.4 FreeSwitch Conference Commands146
Available FreeSwitch commands and arguments146
3.2 Configuration SOAP API149
3.2.1 Administration services150
[ Add permissions152|3. Manage#_RefHeading_105565_958082936]
Find permissions153
Manage permissions153
Call groups153
Add call groups155
Get call groups155
Add users158
Find users159
Manage users159
Park orbit160
Add park orbit161
Get park orbit162
Add phones165
Find phones167
Manage phones167
Reset services170
4. Communicate171
Call Control171
Query call progress171
View ongoing calls171
View or modify mailbox MWI173
View all messages173
View or modify the Heard message status173
Delete messages174
Update message subject174
Move messages in folders174
Mailbox active greeting174
View call ID175
View messages in Inbox folder175
View messages in Saved folder175
View messages in Deleted folder175
View messages in Conference folder175
Dial plan176
View or modify dialing rules176
5. Diagnose180
Call details records (CDR)180
Retrieve user call logs181
View CDR settings182
View or modify CDR settings185
View active all CDRs185
View CDRs history186
View active CDRs for a user ID190
View CDRs history for a user ID190
Download report for all CDRs190
Download report for CDRs for a user ID191
System service191
View system information192
Unified presence192
Get presence information193
Get XMPPU user name194
Get presence state194
Set presence state194
Set presence status194
Get presence status194
Register presence monitor194
View or add new nodes 195
View or modify nodes for an internal ID196
View node features for an internal ID196
Enable/disable the location feature205
View or delete jobs on all servers205
View or delete completed jobs on all servers207
View or delete failed jobs on all servers208
View or delete jobs on an internal ID209
View or delete completed jobs on an internal ID210
View or delete failed jobs on an internal ID210
View all bundles210
View features for a bundle ID214
View global features214
Delete or modify a global feature216
View or delete features for a server ID217
Enable or disable location for a server ID217
View or modify settings218
1. What's New
1. What's New
1. What's New
1. What's New
1. What's New
1. What's New
1. What's New
1. What's New
1. What's New
1. What's New
1. What's New
1. What's New
1. What's New
1. What's New
1. What's New
1. What's New
1. What's New

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