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Table of Contents

The following resources for the Configuration API are available for all users:Calls

  • Initiate calls
  • View or modify calls
  • Call forwarding
  • Call schedules
  • Call forwarding schedule
  • View active calls

Voice mail

  • Change voice mail pin
  • View voice mail folder as RSS feed
  • View or modify voice mail settings
  • View or modify personal attendant settings
  • Set personal attendant settings for operators
  • Reset personal attendant settings

Phone book

  • Export phone book entries
  • Create or delete private phone books
  • View contact name on phones' display
  • Import Google contacts
  • View phone book page by page
  • View or modify users


  • View or modify contact information
  • View or modify IM preferences
  • View or modify My Buddy preferences
  • View or modify speed dial preferences
  • Set active greeting


  • Filter conferences by user ID
  • View conference details
  • View user conference settings for all users
  • View user conference details


Table of Contents


Initiate calls

Resource URI: /my/call/{to}, /call/{to}
Default Resource Properties: N/A
Specific Response Codes: Error 400 (When {to} is not a valid sip uri)
HTTP Method: PUT
PUT method requires non empty body which is ignored. Supported as GET for clients that do not handle PUT.
Unsupported HTTP Method: GET, POST, DELETE