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Table of Contents


Support Account Help

Create a User Account

Each customer can have as many user accounts as they'd like. Use the following link to create your own user account:

Step 1Create a new user

Step 2: Once you have created the account, please contact to have that account added to the customer's group.


A minor aspect of system functionality is unavailable or unstable for a subset of users, request for information, feature request.


Tier Specific Services

Tier 1 Support:  Level 1-2 technical support direct to the end user by eZuce Technical Center when partner support is not available.  Analysis of End User or  Authorized Reseller problem.  Isolation of problem to system components (network, eZuce Subscription, certified OS or certified server of SIP hardware or application, etc.)  Delivery and installation of fix for problems isolated to eZuce Subscription, certified OS or certified server of SIP hardware or application to End-User or Authorized Reseller.  Simple and complex configuration assistance.  Customer upgrade support.  Physical level problem isolation and resolution.  Interoperability problem isolation.


The Uniteme system includes a tool, sipx-snapshot whose purpose is to collect all the information that an expert needs to diagnose configuration and interoperability problems. When eZuce Support tells you they need "a snapshot" of your configuration, they mean the output of this tool (which is a compressed tar file). 

The Admin Console web user interface includes the ability to generate a snapshot that you can download. To access the snapshot tool, login as 'superadmin' and navigate to Diagnostics -> Snapshot.

If you have just reproduced the issue, the default of 10% of the log files should be sufficient. If you are unsure when the issue occurred you can grab up to a 99% snapshot.

The larger the percentage of log files is and the busier the system is (number of users + number of calls) the larger the snapshot will be.

Snapshot Tips

Turn Up Logging

Before taking a snapshot, ensure that logging for various components is turned up to at least 'Info'. We would normally recommend SIP Proxy (System -> SIP Proxy) at a minimum. If you are having trouble with external calling and your gateway is of type SIP Trunk, also turn up logging to 'INFO' for sipXbridge (Devices -> SIP Trunk SBCs).

Command Line Options

Some additional options (which are generally not needed except for special circumstances) are available through the command line interface. To see the options and description, execute:


sipx-snapshot --help

Uploading to the eZuce File server