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For large and complex installations, sipXcom provides high reliability, rich functionality, significant reductions in capital expenses (CAPEX) and significant reductions in operating expenses (OPEX). CAPEX is reduced by cost-effective features such as sipXcom running on standard Intel and and AMD servers under open-source Linux and the freedom to competitively purchase hard and soft phonessoftphones, gateways, switches, etc. from many different manufacturers and vendors. OPEX is reduced by the ability to auto-provision phones, centrally administer the system, ease of use and least cost routing.

To get started exploring sipXcom, you can set up an almost free demo sipXcom system. A public cloud installation for demo and testing can be set up for about $20 per month. A domain can be acquired for as little as $1 for one year. SIP trunking can be set up for $1 per month for a DID telephone number and 1c per minute for incoming and outgoing calls in the USA. Softphones such as LINPHONE are open source and free. Other low-cost options are to install sipXcom on open source VirtualBox or an existing CentOS server.


A DNS Domain that is equivalent to the SIP domain
A-Record (host record) for the server
SRV records for the SIP communications (port 5060 tcp & udp).
SRV record for the resource record (port 5070 tcp)
SRV record for XMPP client connections (port 5222 tcp)
SRV record for XMPP server connections (port 5269 tcp)
SRV record for XMPP client connections to XMPP conference (port 5222)
SRV record for XMPP servers connections to XMPP conference (port 5222)
Please follow guidance in link below:

Obtain, Burn and Boot CentOS 7 Minimal Installation



Download a stable release or development CentOS 7 ISO from here, burn the image on a physical DVD. The ISO contains CentOS Linux operating system and sipXcom and all related compenents.

WARNING: The installation will delete ALL data on ALL drives connected to the system. REALLY, IT WILL! It will format the hard drives, create its own partitions and the process will start as soon as you hit Enter. Make sure that you know what you are doing.

Insert the DVD /CDRom/USB Thumb Drive.

Insert the boot media into your Intel or AMD computer/virtual server and power it up.

Installation Wizard

  • Press enter on the boot screen to begin sipXcom installation


On Configure TCP/IP screen, select Manual Configuration under Enable IPv4 support and then select OK.


Click Users -> Users and then "Add New User"


User ID is automatically inserted but may be changed. At a minimum, check Enabled and enter Last Name, First Name, for user portal Password, and password for Voicemail. SIP password is automatically generated but may be changed. Check Apply and OK.