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Vibe rooms and users are administered by a Customer Manager.  The Customer Manager is identified by an email address and password initially set up by eZuce or a Managed Service Provider partner.

Image RemovedAs a Customer / Community Manager you'll be able to add users to your community, create rooms and create rooms for users.

Customer Manager Rooms

A Customer Manager has the ability to create their own room or multiple rooms rooms without any functional limitation on the system. This is where team rooms are typically created. 

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The Manager can also create rooms for individual users under the 'Manager' menu item.

Users and their rooms

As a Customer Manager, you have the ability to add users to the system initially identified by their email address.  As a manager, you have the ability to create rooms for the users.  You give each room an identity by providing a Name while Viewme assigns it a unique Room ID (a 10 digit number).