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Diagnosing complex SIP problems often requires looking at the SIP message flow between the components of sipXecs, as well as to and from phones and external gateways. This page tells the adventurous how to use the tools that come with sipXecs to display SIP message flows. Sipviewer is a very powerful tool used to diagnose problems.


Sipviewer is not supported in version 4.6 and 14.04 (this functionality is replaced with Homer sipcapture).  Homer adds unneccesary load on an sipXcom server however.  In version 14.10 exmerge and sipx-trace have returned.

To enable Homer go to System/Servers/Core Services.  Enable SIP Capture DB, SIP Capture Search Tool, and SIP Capture Server.  Once enabled, SIP Capture will appear under the Diagnostics Tab.  CLick on SIP Capture Web Interface to open Homer.  Use your superadmin username and password for entering Homer.


Before you can display the messages, you need to install the viewer. You can do that either on the sipXecs system itself (which requires a few prerequisites not installed by the ISO image), or standalone on your regular system (Windows, Mac, or Linux). Once you've gotten one of these done, you're ready to collect trace data for viewing.

You'll also want sipxtools installed for sipx-trace (yum install sipxtools).


There is a standalone installer for the sipviewer tool in the temp area on the sipxecs project server: