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Streaming offers the means of delivering live content, like Vibe meetings, to a very broad audience with minimal additional cost. Examples of services include YouTube, U-Stream, TwitchTV and others. There are also local network devices such as WOWSA that provide premise based Streaming from your Datacenter. Using this technology results in people being able to watch your content simply by clicking a Web Link that you provide for access.

The protocol used for delivering content for Streaming is Real Time Streaming Protocol ( RTSP ).  Vibe supports this via connections to the RNODE (Vibe software server) associated with your account or service. Any given meeting can be associated with the Streaming service of your choice where you have an account.


In order to connect your meeting to the service the following information must be provided:

  • Streaming service that supports RTSP (YouTube, etc.)

  • Vibe Meeting ID number

  • The Account information for the Streaming service or device you intend to use.

  • The Destination Link (FQDN) for the Streaming service

  • Primary and Backup Server URLs (Backup server is optional, but desirable)

An engineer from eZuce will work with you to configure the connections and test/validate that the service is working. At the time that you Start the meeting and the streaming service a transcoded image of the Video Streams will be sent for your audience to see. (In future there will be a configuration interface allowing you to create these settings directly.)

Description for YouTube

Set up your live stream in YouTube. Select Type Custom on Basic info page. This gives you options to configure your own encoder. Press Create event when done.

On the Camera page setting select the max. resolution you want to stream and as encoder select Other encoders. It will show you recommended settings for the output stream when you hover over question mark.

Note the Stream name, Primary server URL and Backup server URL somewhere. This info is necessary to know where the stream should be sent. The destination address will have this form: Primary server URL/Stream name or Backup server URL/Stream name for backup server. If YouTube loses primary stream, it will switch to backup stream. Backup server is optional.

Start the meeting in Vibe and check in YouTube the stream from Vibe is OK in preview window.

Press Start streaming button when the stream is OK and you want to go public.

Additional Information

You can find Live streaming guide by YouTube at the following link:

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