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Desktop Client Communications

  1. Client communications to
    1. Client obtains meeting number from user
    2. Client queries for meeting location
    3. returns a list of servers for the client to try based on the meeting number.
  2. Client communicates with USHI
    1. Client queries the list of servers for the best connection to the meeting
    2. Client sends user nickname to the server
    3. Client connects to the meeting
    4. The client sends additional data to the server
      1. Client MAC, OS info, nickname and IP address
      2. Meeting Information
      3. Presence
      4. Chat Messages
      5. Audio RTP (Real Time Protocol)
      6. Video RTP

WebRTC Client Communications

  1. Client Communications to
    1. User opens web browser to (or directly to
    2. User enters meeting number, name and optionally their eMail address.
    3. WebRTC server queries for meeting location
    4. returns a list of servers for the WebRTC server to connect to.
    5. WebRTC server handles signaling for connections, RTP flows to chosen RNode.
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