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This is an update release to 15.04.  It contains various fixes that were deemed important to be backported to 15.04.


Enhancements, Fixes and Known Issues


JIRA IDJIRA nameRN ContentEnhancement/Fix/Known IssueKeywords
SIPX-184Make Hazelcast integration configurable- add setting for turning Hazelcast on / offEnhancementConfig
UC-3560Expose Reach function for setting skill list on call to IVR via agent dialplan listenerAllow the IVR to set the skills of a call that exists in a reach queue.

In an IVR script that is executed via the runivr recipe action it is necessary to allow the ivr access to the current call's skill list so that the ivr can set a new skill list on the call.

A specific used case would be as follows:
Call enters queue with a language preference of Spanish
runivr recipe step is executed based on criteria provided in recipe setup
runivr script asks the caller to press 1 if they'd like to "continue in English"
if user enters 1, ivr can remove Spanish and add English

This should supported via the addition of a new agent dialplan listener
set skill list on uuid

The uuid of the call will be sent with the request. Set skill list should return a reply that indicates whether or not the function was successful.
EnhancementReach IVR
UC-3613Cannot generate Agent productivity and Agent Group productivity reportsVerified on two separate systems.
After placing a few calls i tried generating those two reports via a supervisor dashboard and it did not work.
You click generate and nothing happens.

Verified in mongo as well :
sipxecs:PRIMARY> use reach_reports
switched to db reach_reports
sipxecs:PRIMARY> show collections
sipxecs:PRIMARY> db.agent_report.find()
sipxecs:PRIMARY> db.agent_report.count()

No useful logs to attach
UC-3616SAA not working properly in a routed topology(phones and server on different networks) and with TLSThis issue was initially opened to treat UC-3500 in which SAA and TLS would work properly if an outbound proxy was specified on phones.
This Jira fixed two issues : one was SAA with TLS (though if you are running Polycom >= 5.2.X there still are issues with SAA and no matter what protocol)
It also ended up fixing a different scenario:
SAA would be used in a setup where phones were in separate subnets while the server was also on a separate subnet.
This issue got fixed (somewhere in between the 60 commits) and was pushed back up to 15.04.

Another case when the server is behind it's own NAT (e.g AWS cloud ) and SAA enabled phones are behind their own NAT (server-NAT-internet-NAT-phones) will be treated in a separate tracker.
The original SAA/TLS scenario still has issues and will be treated in a separate tracker.

--------------------------------------- Original Description No longer applicable here ---------------------
As seen in the UC-3500, in case of call pickup of a shared line, the phone is sending the INVITE w/ replaces to the 2nd phone w/o using proxy and this will simply break in cases when the phones can't communicate directly (i.e. TLS, NAT, ...).

We should find a proper way of fixiing this by either updating proxy or SAA.
The current proposal is from Joegen and consists in "What can be done here is to replace the host:port of the contact with the proxy domain to ensure that INVITEs go to proxy. We can then add the actual binding as a parameter to the URI."
FixSAA sipxproxy
UC-3680Services no longer visible after changing SNMP community string1.Change Diagnostics->SNMP->Community string to something new
2.Go to System->Servers->click a server->Services

Issue : services are not displayed.

From config.log
"2015-06-26T07:06:23.160000Z""Connecting to to get SNMP information"
"2015-06-26T07:06:33.162000Z""Could not get SNMP data"
UC-3783Openuc-saa service restart needed after a server rebootSteps to replicate :
1.Configure openuc-saa on server and verify that it actually works on phones(and not just that service is enabled).
Result : there is a good chance it works
2.Reboot the server and verify that saa works again as in step 1.
Result : service is running but phones are not showing any presence updates)

Workaround : service openuc-saa restart
 Yealink T48G SupportMiscellaneous Yealink T48G fixesFixYealink
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