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Using the Vibe Mobile Client

Starting Vibe Mobile Client

Once you have the Vibe client installed from the App Store, launch the app on your device.

Enter the meeting number or alias and click 'Confirm' to enter that meeting. Clicking on History will reveal past meetings that you've attended that you can select. If a meeting Access PIN is required the app will prompt you to enter the PIN.

Next, as seen in the following screen shot, you'll be prompted to enter the Name you'd like others in the meeting to see you as. Enter that and click on 'Join'.

The 'Autologin' checkbox will always use the name you entered and skip this step next time.

Next, you'll join the meeting. By default, the camera and microphone will be enabled. If you disable and exit the application, the app will remember your settings next time you enter the app.

Application Controls

The Application Controls allow the user to enable and disable different components.

From left to right the buttons are: Menu button, Camera Enable, Microphone Enable, Speaker (sound) Enable, Show / Hide Chat, Show / Hide Participants List, and Exit Room beside the application logo.



Click on the menu icon to see menu options

(menu displayed at bottom of screen as seen below) 

  A green check mark on an icon indicates that the device is active
Start/Stop camera

Open/Close mic

Listen On/Listen Off

Show/Hide Chat

Show/Hide Participants List

Exit Meeting

Menu Options

Hide Controls

The 'Hide Controls' option will hide the top bar to give the user some more screen real estate. The three dot button in the upper right of the screen will bring the controls back.

Switch camera

Switch camera will allow the user to select the back or front camera on the device.


The following is displayed when 'Settings' is selected.


This is the same setting that was seen on the 'Enter your Name' screen when the application starts. Check to bypass entering a name each time.

Audio - Auto transmit

Automatically enables the microphone when entering a meeting.

Audio - Speaker phone

Determines if the user will use the phone in 'speaker phone' mode or with a headset. Uncheck to use a headset.

Audio - Speakers gain

If the audio seems a little low, you can use this slide bar to turn it up (or down).

Video - Auto transmit

Automatically enables the camera when entering a meeting.

Video - Receive remote video

The user can disable receiving remote video to save on data usage.

Video - Use high resolution

This setting is useful on larger display devices (such as some Android devices that can be connected to a TV). This isn't typically used on a handheld device and will drain your battery more quickly.

Exit eZuce Vibe

This will exit the meeting and the application. Tablet devices will be first returned to a list of previous meetings.


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