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Plenary Mode (Webinar) - Participant

This TechNote includes information about joining the meeting and the functions of Raise Hand.

What is a Plenary Meeting?

A Plenary meeting in Vibe is unlike the Open Meeting format, in that you will be an Audience member with limits to active participation.  You may have the ability to use the Raise Hand function to request a promotion to Presenter, where you will be seen and heard.

The following YouTube video provides a good overview of these features:


Joining the Meeting

As a Member of the Community hosting the meeting - At the scheduled time the meeting will appear in the main Vibe screen to be clicked on to enter.

If you are not a Member – with the Vibe client installed, but not Started, they can click the link for the Vibe Application.  


The ‘vibe’ file will appear in the system tray

Clicking this file starts the client, prompts them to log in, and takes them directly into the meeting.

The User Experience

The Vibe Meeting space is consistent with all aspects of an Open meeting, with one primary change.  All attendees start with the camera and microphone disabled, and they are only activated when that user is promoted to Presenter mode by someone with Moderator rights.

The camera and microphone controls are replaced with a ‘Hand’ icon.  

Clicking on the Hand icon presents a Text entry box, where you can type a question or comment;

After clicking the OK button – whether you typed text in or not – your message can be seen by the Moderator, and they may choose to promote you to Presenter, or refuse your request.

If granted Presenter rights your Camera and Microphone will be activated, and you will appear to all Attendees to the meeting.

If your request is refused a notification box will appear on your screen.

You may also click the Hand a second time if you wish to withdraw your request.

Your Camera image

Clicking the small triangle next to the Hand will provide a Camera Control screen.  You can choose between cameras, change resolution with defined limits and other settings.

When finished simply click the Close button to return to the meeting screen.


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